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Supporting Student Athletes in the Okanagan

UBC Okanagan Athletics

The University of British Columbia provides students with more than a world-class education.

Our varsity athletics program at UBC’s Okanagan campus features nationally recognized coaches, outstanding facilities, and high-quality competitive opportunities. With membership in both the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) (men’s and women’s basketball, soccer and volleyball), the Canadian Collegiate Athletics' Association (CCAA) (men’s and women’s golf and cross-country running), and club competition for men’s and women’s rugby, UBC's Okanagan campus is committed to post-secondary sport.

Our goal is attracting high-achieving students with the athletic ability required to be competitive at the national level. We recruit these students from within the Okanagan Valley, throughout the province and across the country.  Our Athletics Scholarship Endowment helps us provide
the financial assistance needed to support these outstanding UBC student athletes.

Creating the endowment

Exceptional athletics programs are built with the help of exceptional supporters. Being a UBC student athlete requires a substantial commitment of time and effort throughout the entire academic year. UBC is dedicated to providing the financial support to ensure a quality athletic and academic experience. Through your contribution, you are helping to build an outstanding varsity athletics program.

Matching your donation

The University of British Columbia recognizes the value of varsity sport as a vital component of a university education and has demonstrated this recognition by offering to match every dollar that is raised through ticket sales for the Athletics Scholarship Breakfast. Our goal is to build an endowment that will provide support for our student athletes today and for decades to come.
This endowment is a fast-growing component of our student athlete financial assistance program. To date, close to $500,000 has been raised from Breakfast proceeds. As a result, some $12,800 in awards is available this year to our student athletes.
UBC would like to thank Valley First for their ongoing and generous support of our scholarship programs. 2014 marked the ninth year for Valley First as title sponsor of this event.

Student Testimonials

What has receiving student athlete financial assistance allowed me to do?

Receiving financial assistance has relieved more stress from my university years than I can begin to put into words. It takes away the pressure of working during my season and allows me to really focus on my academics and athletics, which leads to better results both in the classroom and on the field.

Marissa Klees - Women's Soccer (2013 Co-Captain)

Student financial assistance has been one of the most important aspects of my university experience as a student athlete. It has relieved the pressure of balancing a part time job in addition to school and sport which has allowed me to perform at my best, both academically and athletically. Financial assistance is something I am truly thankful for because it has allowed me to pursue and succeed at what I love.

Jennifer Kidd - Women's Soccer (5-time Conference All-Star)

The financial assistance was a great help for me in my first year of university, it helped me with costs that would usually be taken care of by work; which I was unable to do during the season as the schedule of a student athlete does not allow time for.

Shane Mudaliar - Men's Soccer

Athletic financial assistance is a wonderful thing to look forward to. It takes off some of the burden when times are tough. It's hard being a student athlete, because you put in the hours on the court and in school, which leaves no time for work. So when the assistance comes the little things get taken care of and it allows me to focus better in school and on training.

Melissa Irish – Women’s Basketball

Financial assistance has made my university career much less stressful than it potentially could have been. It has allowed me to focus entirely on academics and athletics rather than balancing school, training, and working a part-time job.

Caitlin Nyhus – Women’s Volleyball

The student athlete financial assistance has allowed me to focus on academics and athletic training without worrying about making ends meet financially during the school year. With the extra time gained from not needed a job I was able to take on a full course load as well as the time to experience university life as a student athlete and enjoy the benefits of learning and competition at a high level.

Alex Basso - Women's Volleyball

Receiving athlete financial assistance has allowed me to focus solely on my athletic season without having to worry about balancing school, soccer and a job.

Liz Babcock - Women's Soccer

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Jill Festival from the women's volleyball team was captivating as the featured student speaker at the 2014 Breakfast.

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